Self-Inking Stamp
Feature Specifications Operating Instructions

A quick and easy way to identify your clothes and p ersonal belongings.
It is simple to use and laundry wash resistant.

Lock button: Press to secure the stamp on the required lock position to take out the ink pad or arrange the texts.  
2. Depress and lock the stamp on the first lock position to insert or take out the ink pad.  
Lock the stamp on the second
lock position to arrange texts.

Arrange rubber types from right
to left.
Gently depress the handle to have stamp back in position, and stamp as usual.  
  Option 1: Direct on the clothes
Place a few drops of ink on the ink pad and press evenly (refill adequate amount where applicable).
We recommend to stamp it on the hem.
Option 2: Labeling to the thermo-adhesive tape
Stamp it on the thermo-adhesive tape.
The thermo-adhesive tape can be sewed or ironed on the clothes.