OA Pre-Inked Stamp
Feature Specifications Operating Instructions
  OA Pre-Inked Stamp
    Functional Protective Cover
  Functional protective cover for daily use and easy storage.

For daily use, place the stamp on the "unlock" side of the cover. When not in use, turn the stamp to the other side to lock for easy storage.
    Soft Handle
  Comfortable and easy handling with soft handle
that is suitable for long term use.
    Easy Positioning Indicator
  The easy positioning indicator enables the user to precisely
stamp in the desired position.
    Releasable Plate
  Designed for easier ink-refilling, simply press the release buttons to release the plate from the stamp.
    Full Size Index Window
  The index window shows the full imprint in the
actual size.
    New Concept
  Creative and functional design combining traditional
rubber stamp form with the development of new