Shiny Takes Action for the Environment 2016-02-05
  In 2014, Shiny signed an agreement with the Taiwanese government to generate solar power at its manufacturing facilities. As part of the project and in conjunction with the Taiwanese government, it has installed solar panels on the roofs of three of its factory sites to produce green energy.   According to the Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) and the Industri...
An interview by Le Papetier de France 2014-11-12
  1 Products Which products do you offer? What are their characteristics? their strengths? What is your main product? What are the new products? What are the coming products?   As a world leading manufacturer in marking and stamping products, Shiny does offer to its customers a comprehensive range of products that cover almost every category of the indust...
Frankfurt 2014 2014-01-25
London Stationery Show , 2011 2011-04-12
Reklama Polygraf 2011 2011-03-23
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