An interview by Le Papetier de France 2014-11-12
1 Products
Which products do you offer?
What are their characteristics? their strengths?
What is your main product?
What are the new products?
What are the coming products?

As a world leading manufacturer in marking and stamping products, Shiny does offer to its customers a comprehensive range of products that cover almost every category of the industry, e.g. self-inking stamp, pre-inked stamp, wax seal stamp, embossing seal, D.I.Y. printing kit, die-plate dater, inks, and stamp pads.  Among these offers, self-inking stamp and pre-inked stamp are the two main categories that consist of several variants.  As for self-inking products, it comes as small as 12mm in diameter up to 65mm x 116mm double daters printer can be found in Shiny self-inking stamps.   In addition, a number of different layouts are also available to customer’s preference, ie. English, French, German, and Spanish.  Moreover, square, rectangular, round or oval shape, as well as the plain, dater, and number stamp are also available in this category. 
Shiny has a variety of products from different lines that are made of high quality material as well as recycled plastic.  Management at Shiny puts a priority on environmentally friendly concern.  We have established strict regulations in every area from part sourcing and design to development in an effort to minimize impact to the environment.  It is worth mentioning that Shiny is one of the few companies that utilize recycled plastic and uses such material into its production.  With environmental threats and degradation such as deforestation in mind, Shiny has introduced a series of products using 75% post consumer recycled material.  All these recycled plastics include recycled PET and recycled ABS that came from special waste sorting facility, whom took a stream of strict filtering and sorting processes before these wastes been transformed into small plastic beads again.  Shiny offers its ECO Line along with the standard Printer series on some of its popular sizes simultaneously.  Customers would easily find a suitable model to meet their need no matter it is for desk-top or to comply with environmentally friendly requirement.  In addition, some self-inking models also have fungistatic agent treatment to protect the product from fungal growth, and retard the growth of bacterial odors.  Shiny’s NTbac Line has fungistatic agent built-in during the manufacturing process; it has the ability to reduce up to 99.99% of bacteria.  In the environment of multiple users, protection from fungistatic agent of NTbac Line would be an ideal product to prevent cross contamination. 
Alongside the self-inking product there is pre-inked stamp, which includes Shiny’s Eminent Stamp and OA stock stamp.   Shiny’s Eminent Stamp incorporates flash technique as well as using highest quality materials available in the market.  The inclusive ink tube(s) are precisely measured for each specific model that guarantees best result and thousands of good imprints.  A distinctive characteristic of Eminent Stamp is been able to reproduce almost identical imprint every time, and this is recognized by users whom value authenticity is of particular important to them.  In addition, Shiny also studied the fundamental structure of an embossing seal, tried to understand how the parts work in the unit.  Through a series of design and development, Shiny had made a revolutionary change to the design that virtually no one has addressed since invention of the product.  This pressure reduction mechanism has been tested to reduce 30% pressure required when comparing to a conventional design.  Other high quality accessories, such as inks, stamp pads, as well as laser rubber and Printing Kits are also available in our product list. 
2 Your company
Can you summarize the history of your company?
How are you establish in France? How big is the French market for Shiny ?
What links do you have with the company TMP?
Why do you have an exclusive distributor in France?
What are your plans in France ?

In 1957, Sun Same enterprises Co. Ltd. was founded by Mr. Shih Xing-Xian, and took its first step into the industry of rubber stamp manufacturing.  It was the first to introduce the kind in Taiwan.  With the initial expansion to overseas market in 1969, Shiny has successfully supplied to more than 100 countries globally.  Over the years, the strong support of its loyal clientele, it has flourished and even established a name for itself in the worldwide market for more than 50 years.  Today, 200 people work for Shiny and produce all its products from the three modernized sites here in Tainan, Taiwan.  All the three sites are equipped with latest technology tools, and most sophisticate measuring instruments to ensure best product quality before goods leave Shiny factory. 
Shiny had integrated green concept when it constructed its first site in 1988 and put into practice such as solar heating system, sewage draining system, planting, indoor temperature control, nature lighting, and etc.  The environmental concerns have since then became more and more important, and lead Shiny to adopt advanced technologies when planning for its second site in 2004.  For example, brick laying instead of solid concrete for the floor; energy-saving lightings; planting around its premises; adopting more efficient kits to injection machineries with an integrated central raw materials supplying system; reuse heat generated from injection to thermal treatment of central supplying system (a cut of 50% energy consumption).  Shiny has aligned its management system with priority emphasis on the preservation of natural resources and minimizing the impact of technology on the environment.  Setting strict company regulations, we have implemented this approach in every area, from part sourcing and design to development, producing environmentally friendly products. These efforts have been recognized with the company’s receipt of the ISO 14001:2004 Standard certification in October 2009, a fine first step in our ongoing efforts to implement sustainable business policies. 
In preparation for the increasing production, Shiny began renovation of its factory buildings since mid-2013.  The extension project had taken place in both its old and new factory site.  The overall land space is expected to increase to 12,000 m2 with a total 19,000 m2 of workshop area after the project.  To cope with needed capability, the extension is not only the buildings, it also includes introduction to automatic machinery to the assembling process. 
Furthermore, we have another milestone on the environmentally friendly concern.  Although nuclear power brings convenience to us, its potential threats cannot be neglected.  Shiny had signed a memorandum with Taiwanese Government on a solar power generating project.  That being said, Shiny has cooperated with Taiwanese government setting up solar power panels cover all its building roofs in the three factory sites, and produces green energy. 
According to Taipower (Taiwan Power Company) and ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), it is estimated to produce 757,000 kWh from solar power per year.  That will achieve 386,000 kg of CO2 saving.  In other words, Shiny will own 386,000 kg of carbon credit from its contribution every year.
The cooperation between Shiny and TMP could trace back almost 20 years ago.  Mr. Alexandre Tauziat of TMP has been a loyal and strategic partner to Shiny in France.  With its geographic and economic position, the French market is particularly important to Shiny’s expansion in Europe.  Mr. Tauziat has been in the business for long time; he has great knowledge about stamp industry and is generous in sharing his valuable opinions with us.  With his devotion and interest, TMP accepted the appointment as the exclusive distributor and became a close partner in France.  With TMP’s promotion, Shiny has gained a good market share in France, and we look forward to moving up to next level together with TMP in the coming years.
3 The market
How is this market (in the world, in France) ?
How do you foresee the market evolution ?
What strategies are you developing to answer to the new demands?
Do you offer eco-friendly products ? Is it a priority for you?

Despite of the global recession in past few years, Shiny enjoys a steady growth year after year.  We do see various increases among customers from different part of the world.  Overall, Shiny records about 14% increase in growth at 2014.  We are enjoying steady market position from most developed countries, and great demands from the developing ones.  We are very fortunate to meet these great customers from different part of the world, and will continue to bring good quality products as well as giving excellent services in return. 
Upon the wide available choices to customers, they are getting more conservative in making their choice in these days.  We do see trend on emphasizing high cost performance ratio that usually refers to high quality and good pricing in marking and stamping products.  Shiny is renowned for its high quality and innovated creations to the industry; we will step upon our strength to help customers with competitive products.  Though technology does bring convenience and change the use of stamping and marking products, we do find people rely more and more to this old-fashioned technique for authentic reason.  It is not too difficult to make counterparts, but to verify the validity may need evidence from stamp or embossing seal to prove it.
On a separate note, personalization is another area that welcomed by customers.  Stamp units are no longer plain and dull; customers are able to convert their desired artworks with aid from technology onto stamp unit so to fresh up their desk-top.  The customized option could also be a good marketing tool to approach to different targeted groups.  By differentiating the design and a tailored layout, stamp unit could be just as dynamic as other promotion media.  Furthermore, the advanced technology also helps manufactures like Shiny breaks through in production and resulted in something that were not achievable a decade or two ago.  Such as the personalized front trim plate of new S-851 ~ S-855 Printer is a good example of this development.  With a correct setting, one would manage to achieve scratch art effect on Identity Series trim plate of S-851~S-855 Printer series on laser machine.  Been more proactive in offering different models and options certainly give greater advantages to customers when facing challenges from others.   Shiny will not stand still, but strives to offer excellent products as well as better solutions to customers. 

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