Premium Printer
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Printer Line

Premium Printer

  Unique Soft Handle

The special soft material and finely applied surface finish
ensure maximum comfort for continuous use.

  Human Design


The unique form design not only based on the matter of functionality but also incorporates with a human dimension.
The elaborate construction of the structure is emphasized on helping user enjoy great comfort.

  Soft Lock Button

The hidden design of the lock buttons are a patented device that designed to present a modern look of the stamp.

  Skid Proof Handle
  Premium Printer features skid proof handle that allows easy and non-slip handling.
  An Arc Design Concept

Subjected to maximize the strength of the structure, the fundamental design concept of Premium Printer is originated from the geometric shape of an arc. The innovative design not only provides better handling but also firm and solid construction, which maximises the durability. Smooth and quieter movement is also
guaranteed to make impressions of truly supreme quality.

For: S-841L.S-841~S-845 & S821L.S821~S825