Eminent Kit
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  Eminent Line       
  ● Eminent Kit (Kit form)
  ● Eminent Line (Assembled Stamp)
  Superior Quality
Uses only top quality ink and flash materials, Eminent
Stamp guarantees excellent
impression that is superior
to others.
Positioning Indicator
The easy positioning indicator enables the users to stamp in the desired location.
  Index Window
Both soft handle and square
handle feature index window
that shows the imprint in
actual size.
Refill Ink
Eminent Pre-inked Stamp can be re-inked for thousands more of waterproof impressions.
The unique Eminent Ink is
developed for Shiny Eminent
Stamp for maximum customer
  Eminent Kit            
Eminent Ink
Dry Cartridge
Trim Ring
Stamp Mount
Flash Die
Place dry cartridge.
Glue processed flash die to cartridge. (Recommended)
Apply trim ring to stamp
In order to refill ink, set the stamp on the two supports.
Fill the ink into the holes in the center.
Gently insert the ink tubes into the holes in the center to fill the ink.
Press the red side buttons to insert the stamp mount.
Ready to use.
    Alternatively, the Eminent Kit pre-inked cartridge version is also available  
Remove dummy cover from the stamp mount.
Glue processed flash die to cartridge.
Apply trim ring to stamp
Place the migration accelerator and close the bottom cover ( with the migration accelerator in position) to speed up the ink penetration.
Remove the migration accelerator when the flashed die is inked.