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DUO One for ALL!!
  Over 100 print sizes available
    With environmental threats and degradation such
    as deforestation in mind, Shiny is delighted to
    introduce DUO, a revolutionary hand stamp designed
    to replace conventional wooden stamps. Shiny’s DUO
    not only provides a multitude of print sizes, but
    permits more versatility and greater possibility than
    outdated wooden models.
  Shiny’s DUO Features and Benefits
.Customer can mix & match handle to stamp mount freely.
.Inventory control: handle and stamp mount can be
    disassembled to save space.
.Stamp mounts can be converted to Pre-Inked style at
    customer request.
.Compact handle permits easy portability in any briefcase
    or purse.
.More than 100 print sizes available.
Available options
Hand Stamp
Hand Stamp Cover
Hand Stamp Cover with Ink Pad
Flash Stamp
Portable Handle Cover
  Use DUO as Rubber Stamp:
Die thickness: 2.3~3.5mm
We recommend adding cushion to rubber sheet on big print sizes Option: Cushion CU-003
  When coupling with Cover + Ink Pad option, we recommend setting the die thickness 3.3~3.5mm to maximize best inking impression.
2.3mm Rubber Sheet
1mm Cushion
        Remarks on die plate
Use DUO as Flash Stamp (Pre-Inked)
Appropriate die thickness: 5.0mm
Flash sheet: FS-1025
Cartridge: CS-1025

Flash Sheet
Adhesive sticker: ST-002 (size: 210x297mm)
Cushion: CU-003 (adhesive tape, size: 360x360x1mm)
Flash sheet: FS-□□ □□ (WxLmm)
Cartridge: CS-□□ □□ (WxLmm)
Glue: G-01 (specifically for holding the flash sheet and

The carefully chosen SHINY accessories have been tested on machinery over 300, 000 impressions. To utilize full benefits, please choose genuine SHINY parts.

Make an imprint on the adhesive sticker.
Cut the piece and stick to the back of bottom cover.
Alternatively, cut the desired phrases and stick to the stamp mount where applicable at customer request. (Some sizes may not have sufficient space on stamp mount, please use bottom cover instead.)
Stamp mount
Cushion: CU-003 ( size: 360x360x1mm )
Suitable for using
with Pre-Inked Stamp
Adhesive sticker: ST-002 ( size: 210x297mm )