Self-Inking Stamp ( Round )
Características Especificaciones Instrucciones de uso

• Smooth movement
• Solid construction
• Excellent impressions
Various sizes and colors to meet different needs

Simple yet functional, Shiny Printer Line's firm structure and durable materials enables smooth movement and easy handling. Special designed patent-pending rubber band cover protects the stamp from being inked after long use. Also keeping fingers clean when adjusting rubber bands.

Various sizes of Date Printer are also available.

Full Size Display Window
Designed to allow the users to pick up the required stamps easily.
Lock Button 
The lock ensures easy and safe operation for the users.
Excellent Impression 
Top quality replaceable inkpad provides clean and neat impressions.
Solid Construction
Made only with the best quality materials and latest technologies guarantees durability and smooth movement.
1 st
2 nd
3 rd
Bottom Cover
1. Depress the stamp to the first lock     position to insert or to take out the ink     pad.
2. Gently depress the handle to return the 
    stamp to its normal position.
Bottom Cover is included in R-517D
Press the red clip to release die plate for date adjustment.
Use an object to push back the die plate.
Bottom Cover is included in R-524D
Secure the third lock to remove the die and adjust the date band.
Press the two red buttons on both sides at the same time to remove the die.
Note that date bands can only be adjusted after the die is removed from the band housing.
Set the date bands.
Again, press the red buttons to replace the die in band housing.
Ensure the die is secured in the band housing.
  Press down on the fram with both hands to release the lock.