Shiny launched additional sizes of Handy Stamp and New OA Pre-Inked Stamp at paperworld,Frankfurt 2005-01-31
Since the successful launch of Shiny's Handy Stamp and New OA Pre-Iinked Stamp, the company received enormous amount of requests from clients and distributors for additional sizes to those two popular items. And to fulfill different region customers' needs, Shiny's R/D Dept. has added several new size specs to the production line and made their debut in the 2005 Paperworld Frankfurt. During the 4 days exhibition, Shiny's product lines drew lots of attention and the booth was overwhelmed with spectators from all over the world. Customers were introduced to new sizes of Handy Stamp and OA Pre-Inked Stamps and were pleased with the results. Once again, Shiny has proven customer satisfaction is the number one priority.
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